Passionate Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a picturesque travel holiday spot full of cultural monuments, scrumptious food and breathtaking all natural beauty. Its alluring spots will be as well affordable, so that it is a great place for couples to spend all their romantic getaway.

The Magical Huge batch Village of Lukomir

A person of the extremely romantic vacation spots in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the mystical huge batch village of Lukomir, labeled as a “magical mountain village. ” It is very hard to find anywhere else in The european countries and you may get a probability have fun with some amazing views.

It is an old town which has a castle and historic sites. It’s a UNESCO world heritage site and you should have a chance to experience its mystical energy.

Sarajevo is mostly a quaint travel and leisure vacation spot full to historic ancient monuments, scrumptious food and gorgeous pure landscape. It’s a popular place to go for travelers from all over the world, and you can discover some of the best eating places with this city.

Mostar is another quaint travel and leisure vacation spot that is packed with cobbled streets, historic monuments and interesting cafe lifestyle. This historical town is normally crowded by day, nonetheless once the sunlight lies you will be able have fun in its cobbled pavement that glow in fruit hues and multicoloured lanterns.

Travnik is a small town that was the capital of Bosnia during Ottoman times and it has a large amount of historical monuments. It is found on a hillside and you can go hiking or snowboard in Vlasic mountain near by.

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